Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wonder!

I wonder if it is possible to drive yourself insane? How could one go about doing something like that? Fasting and shit? Or what?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First I Met Nebula

While perched upon my widow's peak,
So strewn with tears, I couldnt speak
I wound me up to make the pitch
but broke my line, to make a ditch.
Soft words so sweet and ripe with years
Nebula spoke, and calmed my fears.
She spoke of hope and love and song.
She made me feel that I was wrong.
"You fear too much, there is no dark."
Somewhere afar, I heard a lark.
I turned to her and said with shame,
"Im just afraid Ill stay the same."
Her skin so pale, her hyacinth hair
she spoke, and said "Ill always be there."
There was the doubt stuck in my mind
Her words were poison, or were they kind?
I took my chance, I took my leap
But death's rewards werent mine to reap.
I lay awake, this room so light
so clean and cool, with walls of white.